If else template inside an array

I’m trying to create a random message what the weather will be during school hours.
I could make it easy for me and just use the word precipitation, but since it’s for the kids rain and snow is perhaps better.
So if temperature is > 0 degrees rain else snow.
The issue is how can I do this in the middle of a sentence?

{{ [
     "The forecast says there will be no " ~ "rain." if ns.tmax > 0 else "snow.",
     "Today there will be no "  ~ "rain" if ns.tmax > 0 else "snow" ~ " during school time."
   ] | random

The first one works as expected but the second one only adds " during school time." if it’s snowing, which is what I have done, but how can I add the end if there and make sure it adds the last string even if it’s no rain?

Just as I typed this message I thought of using replace. So I use precipitation as the string word and replace it with snow or rain.
But I would rather have it without the replace if that is possible.

Found it…

Need to use iif(condition, if_true, if_false, if_none)

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