If I was going to run Home Assistant on my Unraid box

I’m currently running HA as a VM in Proxmox using an official image.

I’m migrating my NAS to Unraid and need to know if I should use the Community Apps to install Home Assistant, or if I should again create a VM in the Unraid environment.

Which would you do?

Just reading here, I would likely create a VM. You so not say if you have any USB sticks,etc. that may need connection to HA. That could complicate the decision.

Using HA core in docker. Also using conbeeII, ZWave, RFLink, P1 usb sticks without any problem!

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I’m using a Zwave USB Stick which is assigned to the VM in Proxmox.

My set up is a VM with a Conbee II passed through. Straightforward to do. I used a VM rather than a docker for more flexibility and control over resources used.