If it works with Tasmota, will it work with ESPHome?

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I have 4 of these devices: https://templates.blakadder.com/treatlife_SS01S.html. I was originally going to flash them with tasmota but after reading up on ESPHome, I think I want to go that route instead. If they are compatible with tasmota firmware via a template, does that mean its compatible with ESPHome? I cracked open the case to see if I could research anything on the chip but this area of tech is new to me and I’m getting a bit lost. How can I tell what Platform and board type to use in my configs? Appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction!

I did a search for “esphome TYWE3S” and came up with:

  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m

In this issue:

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Then that is what I will try! thanks for the help. For future purchases, is there a way to self identify easily/easier?

Other than Google? Not that I know of.

There’s a board reference here but it does not list Tuya modules like the one you have:



This is working with my tuya switch (2 way) with this config:

  name: switch_tuya2_1
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m

  ssid: "xxx"
  password: "xxx"

# Enable logging
  level: VERBOSE

# Enable Home Assistant API