If not "Google Assistant component" to control miilights then "IFTTT" instead?

Yesterday, the small victory of having all my miilight groups show up in the hass.io front end and work properly was quickly erased by the daunting effort I realized it wold take to configure the google assistant component to properly use my new google home to voice control my miilights.

If that’s all I want to be able to do, is there any easier way? Can I use IFTTT? Does that still work? Did it ever?

You can use IFTTT via Webhooks to make API calls to your HA instance (assuming its exposed to the internet) to call whatever service you want after a Google Assistant voice command. Might be a bit complicated to set up an IFTTT app for each light but it’s doable. I’ve set it up to open and close my garage door via voice, only because the Google Assistant component doesn’t properly support covers yet (treats them as lights, which is down to Google and not the HA developers). Honestly it’s not that difficult to set up the GA component, just be sure to follow the instructions in the docs exactly.