Iframe Card?

Is it possible to point an iframe card to a yaml file? What I’m trying to do is have it open my costume lovelace ui that I’m slowly building Something like this does not work.

   title: 'Cameras'
   icon: 'mdi:camera'
   url: ''

iframes open web pages (html documents) not yaml.

What is a “costume lovelace ui”?

I’m not sure I completely understand, but
I tried out something to see if it would work and it did for me…
Put an html file in your …/.homeassistant/www/YourHTMLfile.html.
Have your iframe point to it

url: /local/YourHTMLfile.html

In YourHTMLfile.html put:

<object data="YourYamlFile.yaml" width="300" height="200">
Not supported

and put YourYamlFile.yaml in the same directory as urHTMLfile

Not sure if this works for all browsers but it does for me in chrome.

I did notice sometimes I had to rt-click on the iframe card itself and do a reload to get it to update.

It kind of works. In firefox browser it will show the text “Not supported” but in chrome it will download the yaml file.

None of what that is in the yaml file shows up.