iFrame Refreshes



Hass Installation: Docker Container
Proxy: Traefik

I seem to be running into an issue where all of my iFrames are continuously (once every 2-5 seconds) refreshing. There are other threads that indicate this might be a result of my reverse proxy (they reference HAProxy - not Traefik) but they also indicate a much larger window.

The Web Tools in the browser seem to show repeated Websocket retries with “101 switching protocols” as the status.

I’m a little at a loss…any advice to go poke at?

Any help is of course much appreciated.

Might be related to this bug introduced in Traefik v2.11.1: v2.11.1 lingeringTimeout can break some connections · Issue #10598 · traefik/traefik · GitHub

I had a similar issue with the iOS companion app constantly reloading after updating Traefik. Rolling back to Traefik v2.11.0 fixed it.

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Oh man - that might actually be it. Should have known better than to autoupdate…Thank you!!!