IFTTT and Automations in HA

Good day,
Trying to create a few automations with the TTS to my Google Home devices.
In the automations I have created, there is a few conditions like day and time.

I have then created an IFTTT trigger from another system that does not have integration with HA.

This works just fine, however I have this issue:

In the IFTTT applet, I choose to select the trigger/services/automation and the entity ID of the automation.

This works just fine, but the only issue is it does not care about my CONDITIONS in the automation script. Looks like its just runs the action without caring about the conditions.

How should I resolve this in the best possible way? I guess I need to run the IFFTT to trigger something different in HA, and in the automation script I choose to run the automation when this trigger.

Any help is apreciated and sorry in advance for bad explanation on my issue.