IFTTT configuration whit google assistant and nabu casa - home assistant

I’m trying to set up a command via ifttt.
ifttt settings

Make a web request URL:

The script works via the home assistant (script.iftt_test_switch) (switch light on)
But the voice command via google speaker also responds according to the settings but the light does not switch.
Where am I making a mistake?

Why do you want to use IFTTT? You already have nabu case, you can expose entitys with Google Assistant component… IFTTT is just an extra delay, with less possibilities

This is just the beginning.
Then I wanted if simple switching would work.
Set the voice control of the robotic vacuum cleaner from xiaomi to clean the defined area. (eg cleaning the living room).
Is it possible without ifttt?

Offcourse, i use that too , no IFTTT needed…

I created a switch for every zone in my house…

I say then, hi google ,clean kitchen on …

Or wirh script, you can “activate”…

No need for ifttt’, you can expose all entities you create in HA