Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to this and need help with getting IFTTT talking to hass to output MQTT.

I’m using IFTTT to trigger a webhook which goes into home assistant.

The way I’ve configured the webhook is as follows:


headers = { ‘Authorization’: “Bearer MY LONGLIVEDACCESSTOKEN”, } BODY: {“payload”: “1”, “topic”: “immersiveroom/turnon”, “retain”: “True”}

When I trigger the IFTTT I get

“Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from”

I have tried so many different ways around this but can’t seem to find one. Any help is hugely appreciated. Thanks.

Why are you not using the ifttt integration ? Is much easier then, you can call the service then with an automation

See here for an example I use with ifttt to call a service…

Thanks for your reply - I did spot that integration and have a fiddle with it but I got confused;

After going through hass, the payload needs to go to Node Red somehow. The full workflow looks like this:

Google Assistant command triggers IFTTT -> IFTTT sends payload webhook to Hass -> Hass publishes payload to MQTT-> Node Red sees this & sends payload using OSC via UDP to my software which turns on projectors.

If you can see an easier way I’d be over the moon - this workflow does seem very stretched. I think this is because its going from Internet -> local signal.