IFTTT in scenes?

Is there anyway to send an ifttt trigger in a scene? I know you can set it in an automation, but I’d like to be able to fire some commands off with scenes.


Why not have the automation call the scene and then fire the IFTTT trigger?

Because I don’t need it to automate, I want to call on it when I want my the press of a button, or voice command with echo.

For anyone interested though I figured it out. I was able to put the ifttt trigger command into a script, which was then turned on in a scene. I’m using this to send commands to logitech squeezebox to play songs or playlists on individual players, which means I don’t need to visit the crappy logitech web interface, and I can use my voice with echo to start playlists. “Alexa, turn on indie pop in the lounge room.” It works great so far, but I can’t figure out what web command to send to get players to sync, but that’s secondary.

Sorry, I still confuse scripts and automations - that’s what I meant to say. Glad you got it working.

I’m very interested on seen how you built that … can you share?? I also have Squeezebox and would love to do something similar (maybe even automating some scenarios)

Thanks in advance!!