IFTTT Integration from IFTTT into NodeRED

Hey Everyone!
I’m slowly migrating from Smart Things to Home Assistant and so far I’m loving the increase of control and granular variation. I’m running Home Assistant Supervised on a Gigabyte Brix bxbt-1900. Short of some quirks with ZWaveJS (the deprecation chase is a pain) and Wiz lights timing out, things are going great for me.

What I’m stuck on is getting webhooks to push through to Node Red within Home Assistant. I have a small VPS that is handles some docker containers to include a Nginx Reverse Proxy so my node red installation is accessible externally from my home network. The problem I running into is I am required to put in my username and password for the direct url I have to Node-Red (nodered.######.com:1880/). I’m able to get there myself when I type the password, but of course this causes issues for IFTTT which has no means to put a username and password in. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated…