IFTTT locally/emulated?

Is there an implementation of something like IFTTT that I can use instead of the service and run locally on my RPI?

I think he meant ‘like’ IFTTT but not cloud based, run locally on the Pi. Something that would allow the same functionality.

The only thing I can think of that would be remotely close to this would be AppDaemon.

isn’t that what Home Assistant is?

IFTTT is just automations that allow you to connect a single trigger to a single action.

HA has the capability to allow you to connect a single trigger to a single action.

What service available on IFTTT are you trying to integrate with?

That’s how I would see it too, with the added ability of multiple triggers, multiple conditions and multiple actions.

Perhaps it’s IFTTT’s GUI and modular approach they are looking for. We’ll have to wait for a reply!

There is also Node RED [0] too. Personally a Node RED instance sitting in the cloud talking to my local HASS via MQTT would be an ideal alternative to IFTTT.

[0] https://nodered.org/

Is there a node package for Home Assistant?

Node red looks cool. So, I am also wondering if there is integration with HASS.

To my original questions. I guess mostly I was looking to use all the various services that work with IFTTT, e.g. “Google Home”, w/o having to use the IFTTT service.

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@rpitera @snairolf I integrate my NR instances (yes, I have three) to HASS via MQTT only. There is a HASS node available, but I haven’t tried it: https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-hass

In terms of available services, take a look at https://flows.nodered.org/. Not sure how this compares with IFTTT as I’ve never tried it. Note that you can also support arbitrary services with some of the more generic nodes - my personal favourite being using an incoming HTTP node to receive webhooks from other services. You can then shunt this data off to HASS via MQTT or the HASS node.

The nice thing about using MQTT is that you can lock it down using ACLs (if you use mosquitto as your broker). No need to give out your HASS API password to something living in the cloud.

I agree. One of the biggest advantages Google Home has over Amazon Echo right now is custom interactions without trigger words. One of the biggest disappointments is that this requires IFTTT. Even the actions and conversations API require trigger words. (eg: ‘let me talk to custom_command’). If we could leverage the custom interactions possible via IFTTT+Home directly, without an additional cloud service, it would reduce latency, improve user experience, and increase security and privacy.

Right, but what you’re describing is a shortcoming of Google Home, not of HASS. GH will need to open up their API in a more meaningful way. At current, my understanding is that they’re focusing more on “big ticket” (Nest, etc) integrations.

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Oh yes, definitely. I was simply echoing @snairolf’s desire of a self-hosted implementation.

I didn’t mean to imply this was HASS’s fault, but as hackers and developers, we do have the ability to address it. That is the purpose of this third-party forum, after all, to discuss ways to implement functionality in HASS that is not supported natively. I only sought to add my support towards finding or creating the functionality expressed in the OP.

My apologies if it seemed otherwise.

In response to Google Home, we need to wait for the Direct Actions API to be publically released. That is what IFTTT is taking advantage of. Once you have that setup, you should be able do things you desire locally. For now you can use emulated hue bridge and turn components/scripts/automations on/off, but you don’t have the flexibility of how you phrase things and the response you get back. Hopefully the API will be released soon.

I’m curious whether there is any news on this? IFTTT is so slow at times, also rellly unreliable and buggy…

This thread is 2 years old. What ‘news’ are you expecting? My understanding is that HA is already a replacement for IFTTT, so I’m really not sure what you are asking.

If you are looking for better ways to integrate your devices without IFTTT, maybe you should open up a new thread and be more specific with what you already have in place, and how you’d like to improve it (faster triggers, better connectivity, etc.). We can help you reach your end goal better with more details.

What’s the point of opening another thread if the original intent is still the same?
The main reason why I use IFTTT is to use my google home to “talk” to my HA. But sometimes the delay is really long (~30 seconds) that it is a pain in the butt. If HA would be able to directly pick up my custom phrases (without the need to say “Google, Talk to …”) it would make it much easier and faster, especially if I could setup a yaml file for many different phrases instead of having to use the clunky IFTTT interface.

You are right that many things can be controlled directly (e.g switches etc.), but I e.g. cannot turn my volume up or down using my voice without using IFTTT. Voice control is such a big thing that I feel like HA is still lacking the proper integration - at least regarding google.

Ah, now I understand. Unfortunately I own alexa devices (which have it’s own issues and work arounds) so I can’t help much.

Until Google and Amazon allow these features to be used by 3rd parties, we will only be able to use workaround like IFTTT. Best of luck finding a better solution!