IFTTT Webhooks troubleshooting

I am having trouble getting IFTTT to send sensor data to hass.io. I have Wyze motion sensor trying to send motion events to hass to turn on lights, but nothing happens when the sensor detects motion.

I have set up the IFTTT Integration. I have set up the IFTTT Applet. I have copied and pasted the hass automation from the docs:

    platform: event
    event_type: ifttt_webhook_received
      action: call_service
    service_template: '{{ trigger.event.data.service }}'
      entity_id: '{{ trigger.event.data.entity_id }}'

To troubleshoot I have been copying the body of the IFTTT webhook into the ifttt.trigger Service

{ "action": "call_service", "service": "light.turn_on", "entity_id": "light.living_room" }

In the log it shows the error

extra keys not allowed @ data[‘action’]

I cannot figure out what that means. Please help.