Ignore a discovered integration

It’s been asked before, and all the old answers I found don’t work anymore in the current version of HA (at the time of writing 0.109.6). So therefore I’m asking for the ability to ignore a discovered integration if your not interested in it.

I know half of it is already build, because the integration page has an option for it in the settings to show or hide hidden integrations.

Which integration is being discovered that cannot be ignored?

For example, my system discovered the IPP printer integration. I selected Ignore. If I want to see that integration again, there’s an option in the Overflow menu to do that. If I restart Home Assistant, it doesn’t report that it found the ignored integration.

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Google cast and adguard. For now. Still working hard to setup my whole system.

I believe any integration that cannot be, or refuses to remain, ignored should be reported as a bug.

The mechanism to ignore integrations is in place so integrations that don’t conform either lack the feature or have implemented it incorrectly. Either way, the outlier should be reported.

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Fun fact, I haven’t seen any integration yet that I can choose to ignore. So my believe is that it is bigger then with those two integrations I’ve mentioned. But if you’re sure it should work I’ll create the bug reports on GitHub.

Link to the GitHub issue

You make a good point. I’m using the Google Cast integration but don’t recall the ability to ignore it. The other ones I use, Brother printer, Philips Hue, and Homekit_controller did offer the ability to be ignored. The only one I did ignore was IPP printer.

If I had a need to ignore Google Cast but couldn’t, I’d definitely report it as a bug.

believe this should be in 0.110 forward: https://github.com/home-assistant/architecture/blob/eeb2b93527ccf868745c11ff3e321e21b1bb90cd/adr/0011-discovery-requires-unique-id.md

until then we help posting integrations that don’t offer the option yet, here’s at least 3:

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