Ignore a specific person for zone.home Automations


I was using zone.home to track how many persons are at home and trigger two automations “First person gets home” and “Last person is leaving”. This was working fine, I just checked if zone.home is >1 or <1.

But then I added my Tesla to HomeAssistant and it is also handled as a person. So both automations are not really working anymore if my car is staying at home.

I then decided to create a helper, which is only tracking me and my gf (not the tesla)

{{is_state('person.a','home') or is_state('person.b','home')}}

But somehow I can not use this template to check if the last person is leaving home. I tested following trigger:

platform: state
  - binary_sensor.someone_home
to: "false"
  hours: 0
  minutes: 5
  seconds: 0

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better solution?

Thank you!

My Skoda Enyaq is has a device tracker and can be followed on the map, but is not a person. If the device tracker is in a zone, it will show it but is not counted. Is the Tesla integration adding the extra person or are you? If so, simply don’t. A car is not a person.

If it is unavoidable, there are two options: create a sensor that is 1 when the car is home, and 0 when not. Then test the state of zone home (nr of people there) against that sensor. Or create a group of persons and check the state of that.

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Is your helper actually true/false?

I just setup a test Template Binary Sensor and it is on/off.

I agree that a car should not be a person, the reason for me was that I wanted to see a picture of the car when viewing the map - I could not find a better solution for this…

I will look into creating a group of person for me and my gf.

A group of persons solved the issue, thx for the hint!

If the Tesla integration does not set a picture for the device tracker, you could most likely set is with the customize integration by settng entity_picture to the image you want.