Ignore daylight saving for one device

Home Assistant 2023.9.0

Supervisor 2023.09.2

Operating System 10.4

Frontend 20230906.1 - latest

I have a TAPO P110 device used to control electric power availability to an electric vehicle charge cable (granny charger). Rather than use the inbuilt P110 schedule options my preference has been to use Home Assistant automations to make power available during off-peak and be forced off during peak. This has all been working well. I have since become aware that the electricity retailer (Aurora Energy) recognises peak and off-peak periods without regard to daylight saving. Or to put it another way, during daylight saving the stated peak and off-peak periods are put forward an hour, thus negating the effect of any daylight saving clock changes.

Rather than manually editing the stated peak/off-peak times in my automations at the start and finish of daylight saving , what is the better way to accommodate this in HASS? (1) Is it possible to not recognise daylight saving for automations relating to a specific device, or (2) Is there an easy way to recognise and use the different peak/off-peak times based on whether daylight saving is active I.e. a DST sensor, or (3) some other ‘you beauty’ option? I’m new to HASS and my automations were created using the visual editor but I’m not averse to having a go at this in YAML. Note I have other HASS automations that turn on/off lights/radios/devices etc that do rely on the current clock time.

Any advice appreciated.

Make your timestamps in your configuration UTC times, which does not have daylight savings.

Thanks for the tip, Wally. Will give this a go - after further searching on UTC times in the HASS community posts I can see how this might work. Will report back in a few days.

Thanks Wally. Well it took a while to report back but I solved this by:

  1. Add “Time and Date” integration ( see Time & Date - Home Assistant )
  2. Use the sensor.time_utc entity to access UTC times (see this youtube video by gordonmarkus which gives really good detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1UuriBYWt8 )

I also found it useful to add notifications to the automation actions to confirm the Tapo device was correctly turning on and off supply during offpeak and peak periods.