IKEA Badring water leakage sensor goes unavailable every day

I bought three IKEA Badring water leakage sensors. One is working fine, the other two go unavailable every day.

I googled and someone suggested setting up OTA, so I put this block into configuration.yaml and restarted HA:

      ikea_provider: true                        # Auto update Trådfri devices
      ledvance_provider: false                    # Auto update LEDVANCE/OSRAM devices
      salus_provider: false                       # Auto update SALUS/Computime devices
      inovelli_provider: false                    # Auto update INOVELLI devices
      thirdreality_provider: false                # Auto update 3REALITY devices
      #otau_directory: /path/to/your/ota/folder  # Utilize .ota files to update everything else

Seems no updates were available:

IKEA BADRING Water Leakage Sensor Firmware
36 minutes ago
Last changed:36 minutes ago
Last updated:36 minutes ago
Installed version: 0x01000007
Latest version: 0x01000007

My setup:
Core: 2024.5.3
Supervisor: 2024.05.1
Operating System: 12.3
Frontend_ 20240501.1
SkyConnect v1.0

Any ideas on how to fix it? Thx

There are no updates for the Badring at the moment.

Fair enough. Any other ideas?

I find it strange that one works and the other two have issues.

But then again, I seem to recall this is a somewhat common occurrence with IKEA products.

Did you try switching places ?

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Good point. I originally discounted that since I have another device (Aquara reed switch) at almost the exact same spot the Badring is at, which has no issues, but yea, I’m trying now.

I switched places of the one working Badring with the always unavailable one, and put the other unavailable one like 30cm next to the skyconnect.

I will report tomorrow or as soon as one becomes unavailable again.

Have you found a solution to your problem? I have the same problem with my badring sensor.

I tried switching places as suggested and realized that the sensors seem to have a pretty shitty range.

Bought some IKEA smart plugs to broaden my network and everything seems to be working fine now.