IKEA Badring Water Leakage Sensor

I’ve just bought an IKEA Badring Water Leakage Sensor from IKEA as they were cheap and I thought I might be able to use it to help with my “Auto shower” automation.

I’ve added the device to my Zigbee integration, and it works fine but I can’t find anything in the attributes that would suggest turning off the alarm. I have seen that the Zigbee2MQTT has a identify_timeout configuration but I don’t seem to be able to find that in my regular zigbee so not sure if it’s something unique to the Zigbee2MQTT integration.

Why migh I want to turn off the alarm you may ask? Well I just want to detect that the shower is on, then turn on the extractor fan, and start the reminders for my son as to what he’s supposed to be doing in there!

The identify_timout is when you use identify, not when the alarm triggers.

I don’t think a water leak sensor is the best option here as it will probably take quite a while for the contacts to dry and the sensor to reset. That could be hours and not a good indicator of the shower being in use.

Personally, I use a motion sensor mounted at the back of the shower and a humidity sensor. When someone enters the shower, the lights come on. Then, once the humidity rises, the extractor fan turns on until the humidity returns to normal again. Then, after no motion for 7 minutes, the lights turn off again.

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Ah thanks. That makes sense. I’m guessing the ability to turn off the alert is not really a common use case so I might be out of luck here.

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Would you mind sharing how to paired this. I can’t get it to show up on my zigbee dongle.

It just showed up as soon as I removed the battery “activator”. There’s probably a small button inside that you need to hold or double/triple click or something to put it in pairing mode. Do you still have the instructions?


  1. Unscrew the bottom and put the battery in, should see a red light come on for a second (if it doesn’t maybe your battery is dead)
  2. Push the button next to the battery 4 times in less than 5 seconds
  3. The light will brighten / dim to show it’s in pairing mode
  4. Go into Home Assistant → Devices → Zigbee → Devices → Add Device (/config/zha/add)
  5. Provided you’re within range configuration should happen within about a minute, as “IKEA of Sweden BADRING Water Leakage Sensor”, you can rename it and choose an area
  6. All done
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