Ikea Bilnds (Fyrtur Kadrilj) battery status

I have som Ikea fyrtur blinds. I use the Ikea hub and I can control the blinds in HA.
Before (dont remeber the HA version, think 0.99 or so) the blinds show the battery status.
Its now gone since a couple of months. Not sure why it was removed, seems to have something to do with an update of the battery status. Anyway, not sure how to make a request on how to get this implemented again, I really miss this feature.
HA shows the battery status of the small remotes for the blinds…

For deconz, there’s support in the current beta, what integration are you using?

There are two threads that basically cover everything you ever need to know about fyrtur.
Try reading them again.
From memory I think ggravlingen had to remove battery status due to a non recommended polling method (only 40% sure of that so don’t bet the house).
As eggman says, it will be addressed at some point (and it seems its in a beta) but the guy who does the api (ie not the Ikea version thereof) has a hill to climb (working in the dark). When it’s finalised then…