Ikea blinds for a beginner

I installed the ikea blinds (Fyrtur) without the gateway and therefore I can handle them via the remote button

Now, I would like to integrate them in home assistant (Zha) via the Conbee 2 key

1 if I integrate them in Ha, can I still manipulate them manually with the remote button?
2 in ha, should I also pair the remote button and the repeater?
3 after pairing the blinds in ha, how to run a script to open and close them

Many thanks and sorry for my poor english.

I use them (3 In total) In HA.

  1. Once Installed you will then get this card for manual control

door blind

  1. I have paired the repeaters, nothing to do with the blinds but to help with my zigbee mesh. The buttons I’ve never used but I suspect you can use them to control the blinds or other devices with In HA.

  2. The blinds can be controlled with In automations or scripts the same as any other device.


Hi, it’s exactly what I try to do, with Fyrtur/ZHA :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But I can’t figure out the way to integrate them.
Could you, please, do a walk through ?
First repeater, remote, blind ? Reset ? Thanks :blush: