IKEA Blinds icon stuck

I’ve had constant issues where the Fyrtur roller blinds icon gets stuck with the up or down arrow, rather than switching to the open/closed shade icon. Sometimes I can hit the stop button when it’s done going up or down and the icon resets to normal, but not always, and also this is not ideal.

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 10.31.09 AM

The UI showed the position was completely open, but the icon is still in the “rolling upwards” state. Where it has been for maybe a week.

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I am confused on the icons as well. I have 6 cellular blinds and the icons have three colours, blue, purple and grey. In each color, there are at least three icon states, arrow up, arrow down and what may be a window. The up/down buttons don’t seem to have any pattern on when they will go from grey to white. I have tried the SkyConnect and then reverted to Nortek on ZHA and don’t see a difference.