Ikea Buttons to HA through Dirigera hub integration


I’ve noticed, that while the Dirigera integration as a Homekit Device works mostly nicely, it does not support all Ikea smart buttons. The one that has worked so far, was the ole Trädfri Shortcut button, that I was able to use in HA automations. It has worked almost flawlessly for some time now (a year, maybe more). Another one that has worked is the new button sold by ikea after the shortcut button was discontinued.

But now, since the very latest release the automation stopped working, while the button presses are still nicely recognized by HA. I investigated this and it seems the “button pressed” trigger has been removed from the list of available triggers for that device…the automation that used to have that as the trigger, now has that trigger as “unknown trigger”…and when I add new automations, it is not on the list at all anymore. This same applies btw to the new buttons too, also they have now the “unknown trigger” with already saved automations and no available button push trigger for new automations created now. So all my automations with my various old and new Ikea buttons stopped working at once.

So my feature request is, that the Dirigera integration through Homekit would be extended to include all buttons produced by Ikea, so that those can be used in the automations. It used to be there for the shortcut and the new equivalent (not for e.g. remotes), but now all that is gone too.

if this was actually working before in the identical hardware configuration, it would been broken now, that would require a GitHub issue, not a FR perse…

share your automations and details of the buttons in use, and we can check, or in Github follow the issue tracker

having said that, I also have several buttons that actually issue an event, and those events are triggering my automations, so, maybe, you can still do what you want.

  - id: sneltoets_bureau_marijn_eenmalig_ingedrukt
    alias: Sneltoets bureau Marijn Eenmalig ingedrukt
    mode: single
    description: ''
      platform: state
      entity_id: event.sneltoets_bureau_marijn
#         attribute: event_type
#         to: single_press
      condition: state
      entity_id: event.sneltoets_bureau_marijn
      attribute: event_type
      state: single_press
      - service: light.toggle
          entity_id: light.bureau_marijn_lampen

is one of these Ikea buttons

Ofc there are devices that are not reported by the Dirigera bridge and there is nothing HA can do about that unfortunately.

Actually, the button presses are still there by using the event type method instead of a trigger, like you suggested. So just the triggers had been removed for some reason.

Although it seems these automations are not very reliable this way, sometimes they trigger sometimes not…but also that is not a FR but maybe a bug.