Ikea Dirigera and Matter Support

Hey Everyone,

Matter support can be turned on in the Ikea app for the Dirigera hub as of a couple months ago. So, I turned it on and went to the Matter integration in HA (in the mobile app) and I was able to add it!

So, I went ahead and added a set of blinds that I have with a repeater and remote. I verified they were added in the Ikea app and were functional. I then went back into HA expecting to see populated Entities but there is nothing. It still looks like the screenshot I posted. I tried a reinterview and they still don’t appear. Am I not understanding something about this itnegration or how Matter works? Or is something still not quite there to make this work?

One misconception and one caveat.

Drigera is a matter bridge, meaning it will “expose” its devices to HA using the Matter protocol, allowing HA to see and control each device just like its other devices (HomeKit, Mqtt, etc). New entities won’t appear under drigera, new devices should appear under Matter.

Correction: The Matter Integration adds a “Connected Devices” section for bridges; so in theory at least something should be listed under Drigera’s device page if control is being bridged to HA.

The caveat: IKEA’s matter support is in beta, and a quick search seemed to indicate not all devices are being bridged yet. Maybe someone here has experience whether shades are supported yet, or you could try contacting Ikea to see if/when they support Matter bridging for shades.

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How did you add the Dirigera to the Matter integration?

I was having issues too. You HAVE to do it through the HA phone app. When you enroll it there, it gives you the option to enroll with a QR code. You then read the QR code on the bottom of the Dirgera. You can’t accomplish this from the webpage, as far as I know.

You are correct. Only lighting has been exposed through Matter. I called IKEA and they confirmed that and would not give me a time frame for the rest of their devices to be exposed through Matter. Matter is only in beta for lighting even so you have to go into the app and turn that on because that isn’t even available by default.