Ikea Dirigera Homekit Controller and Light Transition?

Anyone tested light.turn_on with transition time n seconds via Ikea Dirigera and HomeKit Controller?
This is not working in my setup. The light just turns on and instantly sets the desired brightness.


service: light.turn_on
  transition: 10
  brightness: 200
  entity_id: light.lightbulb

The exact same light.turn_on using the old hub with Ikea Trådfri built-in integration works perfectly.

My Dirigera hub stopped working through the Homekit Controller after the 2023.6.3 update, so I can’t even try that now.

no the homekit doesnt support the transition, I recently tested that with my Christmas lights :wink:

reason for me to take those specific lights to the Zigbee Skyconnect, or back to the original Trådfri Gateway, that performed even better

o, now see this is an ancient post. nevermind, answer still holds.

Yeah, I dropped both HomeKit and old IKEA gateway. Went with Z2M and have not looked back.
Thank you for confirming. Might provide useful to someone.

maybe mark this as solved in that case, so users can see its closed and answered?