Ikea E1743 On/off switch deCONZ error

Hey. New here!

I’m trying to setup and use the Ikea E1743 On/Off switch using deCONZ/Conbee II and I’m facing some strange issues.

I’m able to pair the switch with Phoscon App and the device is shown in HA as a button. I can liston to events and even configure automations, but here is where some issues appear.

When I short press the ‘I’ button (on), HA “turns on” all my lights and power plugs, but it actually is not turning on, it only show as “turned on”. If I short press the ‘0’ button (off), same thing happens.

I have already tried to unpair and pair again, I’ve called the deCONZ service to refresh, and the issue keeps occuring.

If I setup an automation to turn on a light when pressed, it works, althought it keeps reporting that all lights turned on, when actually only the one I selected in the automation is really on. If I delete/disable the automation, all lights shows as on or off when pressing the button, but no one is actually on.

I have another automation to send me a notification when a smart plug turns on. When I short press the on button on Ikea switch, I get the notification as if the smart plug was actually turned on, but it is not, it is only shown as turned on in HA.

Any guess? I don’t have a clue of what to do next in order to fix this. Same button worked fine on Smartthings, before I migrated all my devices to HA.

Thanks in advance for the support!