Ikea E1745 motion: Illuminance_above_threshold sensor

Is anyone using the binary_sensor.illuminance_above_threshold? Zigbee2mqtt docs mention this, but I cannot get it to work whether I set the illuminance_below_threshold_check to true or false. The binary sensor alway stays in the off state.

I’m thinking you must be the only one…:wink: talk about Ikea Swedish engineering in search of a problem and the antithesis of the Ikea model. Curious what use case you have that this could meet and how you perceive the logic flow of this. I was never able to get my pea brain around it. I’m sure you read it, however the day/night switch need to be in the ‘moon’ position.

My first batch of motion sensors were the ikea. I have since ditched them and went with powered pir sensors using esphome. Now these Ikea sensors are just laying around. I have a dumb ceiling fan/lights that can be controlled via rf. Though most of the time, the end users are using the wall switch and or the remote control to turn the fan/lights on. HA has no way of knowing it is on or off.

So I was thinking of using the kea sensor and placing it under the fan to sense if the fan is on. The light maybe an issue since the ikea sensor will be above the lights and it may not detect if the lights are on. I am hoping the ceiling will illuminate the brightness of the fan lights.

I have pressed both the moon and the sun phrase buttons on the ikea sensor. Still no changed in state.

I’d suggest using a power meter to detect if the fans are turned on. That will even allow you to figure out the speed from the pole level. I use this in my kitchen to adjust the house ventilation when the stove fan is turned on.

Thanks for the ‘illumination’ :wink: I too recently retired two of these Ikea devices and I was saying well, heck I paid decent money for these, they were never ‘great’ but with the occasional ‘hand waving’ did the job. I was reviewing the ‘above threshold’ function again still don’t really understand it. If it works in a manner that detects your fan light, that would certainly be an interesting tool. However, for me, I think mine will be detecting the opening and closing of the ‘drawer full of tech stuff that someday they will bury me with…’ On a tangent, since you seems to be a espHome user, I am interested in this USD 5 cost high gHz presence sensors that all the rage. I am interested to see if I can without much more cost than the price of the sensor, add these to some of my esp devices and end up with a much more ubiquitous motion sensing and perhaps some ‘edge cases’ ( was thinking your fan motion would be one of these, if you could filter everything out except for the fan motion) Hope your breezes are comfortable…

BTW – I’ve had very good luck with IKEA motion detectors for entering rooms. My only problem is that they take ~1s to detect and the cats set them off. I did solder on AA battery holders so I don’t have to replace the batteries every 9 months, though.

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