IKEA Floalt with ZHA

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Hi there!

Currently i am using HA core, the IKEA gateway and the Tradfri Integration to control my IKEA Floalt panels. I am also running ZHA and want to migrate all the Floalt panels to ZHA and ditch the IKEA gateway.

I am able to pair the IKEA 5 button remotes to HA (ZHA) but i am not able to pair the Floalt panels with ZHA. I am not having a “phyiscal” switch to factory reset the Floalt panels but i do have a Hue Dimmer to reset the Floalt panels.

I think the “correct” way to get them paired would be:

1.) Pair the remote to hub (ZHA or IKEA gateway)
2.) Join the Floalt panel to the network with the remote (i think LightLink is used here)

This all works well with the IKEA gateway and the remote seems to be paired with the IKEA gateway and “linked” (LightLink?) to the Floalt panel.

Point 2.) isn’t working if i pair the remote to ZHA because i think the remote does not send the correct commands to the Floalt panel. This does work with the IKEA gateway, so the IKEA gateway is doing something with the remotes after pairing, but i cannot figure out what it is.

Is there anyone out who can help me to get the Floalt panels pairing with ZHA?


I got this working now, had to “hard reset” the Floalt panel with 6 times powercycle.

So i am now able the bind the 5 button remote to the Floalt panel via ZHA groups, on/off and brightness is working well but the color temperature buttons (left and right) don’t work.

Any ideas?


Curious how you got it to work, as I am struggling.
Your answer suggests this should work, although for me it has not yet:
1 reset remote
2 reset floalt
3 pair remote with ZHA
4 pair remote with floalt

Here are the steps that i did:

  1. Pair the remote
  • Enter pairing mode (permit) on the coordinator by clicking the “ADD DEVICE” button
  • Push the button inside the battery cover 4 times in a row to reset the remote (Video)
  1. Pair the FLOALT panel
  • Enter pairing mode (permit) on the coordinator by clicking the “ADD DEVICE” button
  • Powercycle the FLOALT panel 6 times in a row to reset it (Video)

Let know if you got it working.



I just installed a floalt and I was able to integrate it directly in ZHA, without even the remote.

I remove and put back the power 6 times in a row, so the light would become in pairing mode. Once it’s done, the light will flash slowly. Now I just added a new device in ZHA and it was discovered.

I don’t have any remote yet.