Ikea fyrtur blinds + Conbee 2 /decons . Up button is disabled/grayed out

I have been struggling for hours trying to add the motorised blinds from Ikea (Fyrtur) to my zigbee network on my Home assistant on rpi4 with a Conbee2 zigbee usb dongle

After the 20th try i finally was able to add them and they showed up as an device in HA. but i am only able to get them to go Down. The “Up” arrow is greyed out / disable .

I am adding the blinds directly to HA. I dont want to use the Ikea gateway and i dont need the repeaters that comes with the blinds.

I see other have the same issue, but i havent been able to find a solution.

Anyone have an idea what the problem is ?

PS. If i move the slider, i can get them to move up and down. I can probably make some scripts/automations to use the slider, but i bought 7 of these and i want them to work as they should :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 19.18.52

I recently paired a few Ikea blinds to my conbee/deconz network, but did not see the same issue. I put the conbee in search mode for lights, then held both buttons on the cover for like 10 seconds until they started flashing. I may have had to repeat that process once or twice, but they are now fully paired and go up and down.

My problem is that every time I restart the deconz container, the covers become unresponsive. The only way to wake them back up is to climb on a ladder and manually push one of the buttons on the motor.

Do you have a Solution?

Did you ever get the up button to show up? I just got these and have that same issue as well as battery show 0% in HA

I also have this issue. Just bought them and the up button isn’t working. Battery also not showing data.

Ok, I reconfigured the fyrtur, and now the up button is working. Configuration > Devices & services > Devices > select your Fyrtur > Reconfigure device. Battery still sends no data, at 0%.

I had the same problem with Kadrilj blinds in Deconz and HA. Here‘s a nice documentation that helped me setting up the reporting of the blinds.

IKEA Fyrtur smart blinds with Home Assistant and deCONZ