Ikea FYRTUR Blinds, deconz, and home assistant

Running hassio on RPi 3 with deconz add-on.

Stuck on why I can’t control my blinds.

I’ve got everything connected (two blinds, one repeater, and one remote) in the Phoscon app and can see they’re linked in the deconz GUI (but the nodes don’t say anything about blinds). I’ve even got them to show up in the homeassistant app, but nothing I do allows me to control the blinds.

I also am not able to link the remote to the blinds as a switch (nothing shows under available switches) and am only given brightness options for the blinds (linked them in as lights per instructions).

Am I missing something? Do I need to make some edits in configure.yaml to get the blinds to work? I’m at a loss.

I’ve reset everything and added just one blind. This is the GUI interface from deconz. Am I doing something wrong with the linking of devices?