Ikea Fyrtur Phoscon, deconz, positions not updating


Phoscon and Conbee 2 are on the newest stable releases.
Homeassistant is updated too.

i own a Ikea Fyrtur, yesterday i begin to add it to deconz, its now visible as a light, whats “correct” how i read.

But the problem is the positions value never changed when i set the for example position to 50%, i first must go to deonz open the device and press read to get the values refreshed.

i found a thread where someone linked to github where i must change the 3 values see on this picture but this doesnt help, i readded the bind 4 times, restartet homeassistant 10 times, but nothing.

perhaps someone get this to work?
i dont want to buy the ikea bridge, thank you

I have 3 of them, no issue but they are sometimes a bit tricky to connect fully.
Remove the battery for 10sec and do some actions to move the blind

If still nok, rebind very close to the deconz key. The config for reading the value is ok.

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I have 4 Fyrtur directly connected to Home Assistant with a Conbee 2 stick trough ZHA.
At the beginning the position was not updated, but after a couple of days the firmware of the blinds itself get updated and from that point everyting workde as supposed to be.
After more than six months of daily use just a couple of issues.
I suggest you to use ZHA ,in my opinion is much a better choice.

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I know this is an old thread, but I googled my way here before I found the solution (for me)
There is one more step to do before writing the config.
Just follow this guide, it worked perfectly for me!


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