IKEA Idasen Desk Plugin - use cm rather than percentage for more granular control


I’m currently using IKEA Idasen Desk plugin to control my Linak-powered desk (so not specifically a Ikea desk, but still works). While it works great, I have a sort of “feature request” or feedback.

The Linak controller unit I have is controlled more granular on a centimetres-level and the current implementation of using percentage to control the desk height makes it difficult to change the height to a perfect level.

For example: When sitting, the perfect height is 81 cm for me. When adjusting the height using percentage, 18% is a few centimetres too low and 19% is slightly uncomfortable a bit too high.

It would be great if it would be possible to manage the height in the dashboard as well in the automation using centimetres.

I’m pretty new to HA, so I might be missing something.


I’m also interested in this feature, mainly because we had it in the Linak Desk Card and Idasen desk controller (now discontinued) and setting up the height templates was quite convenient!

We also had the moving speed of the desk, which allowed us to ultimately define whether the desk was moving or not.

Also second this. I want to have the Idasen desk set position based on cm rather than percentage

I think this would be tremendous as a more general request for integrations that offer a percentage (covers, desk height, etc) control to allow display/control in native units, weather that’s due to the integration knowing the absolute range, or user configuration of the entity.

@Patschi I posted a more generalized version of your FR to apply to any entity exposed via a percentage slider: