IKEA Knycklan - Electronic dishwasher water shutoff valve with water leak sensor and remote

FYI, IKEA has released a new Zigbee based electronic dishwasher shutoff valve and water leak sensor combination product named “Knycklan”.

It is now for sale in Sweden however I have no information about availability in the rest of the world.

Also it so far officially only works with the remote that ships with it and no news yet about support in IKEA Trådfri Gateway.



Description translation:

KNYCKLAN - Electronic dishwasher shutdown

Description 204.257.24

The electronic dishwasher switch KNOCKLAN lets you choose between all the taps! Turn on and off the water with a click on the remote control. In the event of a leak, the alarm goes off and the water to the machine is switched off.

10-year warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.

Enables you to control the water-supply to your dishwasher - no matter which tap you choose.

Easy to turn the water on and off with a push on the supplied remote-control.

The built-in leak-sensor alerts and shuts off the water to the dishwasher in the event of a water leak.

A magnet makes it easy to attach the remote control to the wall-bracket.

The remote control has a maximum range of 10-meters when not blocked by walls.

Battery included, with a lifetime of about 2-years.

This product carries the CE-mark.

Designer: IKEA of Sweden

More links, including manuals which also have English sections:

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Guess it works in deCONZ also :smile:

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I got this device to work ok with deconz and home assistant. Even got it forwarded to Homekit using the regular homekit integration in HA.

However, it is kind of limited; the Knycklan shows up as a light in phoscon and such it is only possible to switch on and off, as well as get the status (on/off). Kind of limited.

Has anyone had any luck getting more sensors from Knycklan? If so I would be very happy to hear from you in regards to how you have integrated it.