Ikea light bulb only on/off switch, no dimmer control?

I managed to synch my ikea bulb in via conbee 2 using HAZ. But the only control I get is an on/off control. No dimmer or color temperature control, cant see any such enteties either which the bulb support.

Totaly new to HASS so maybe I am missing something?

Edit: Seems I get access to brightness in automation, can’t find anyway to set color temperature though.
Edit 2: Seems I can set color temperature if i use a service like light.on as action.

So I guess problem solved :slight_smile:

It’s good that you have solved your issues.

Just one minor note:
Don’t know if there’s any newer firmware on this specific IKEA bulb. I did however see the reference of 12217572 since 2017, so… maybe that would help …? (if there’s indeed a newer firmware, that is.)

thanks for the tip, yes these bulbs are quite old. I guess I would need to connect it to an ikea gateway to update firmware? However it seems to work.

Have one more question, have been able to increase/decrease with the action call service using “Brightness step value”. However there does not seem to exist any stepping for color temperature in automation?

You can use a template to set the temperature (or brightness if you want smaller or larger steps).

{{ state_attr('light.light', 'temperature') + 10 }}

Not sure if temperature is the correct word, it was just an example.

Thanks for the tip.
Do you have any example of using templates. Don’t understand howto run templates in an automation.(newbie :slight_smile: )

if you click the light icon, you don’t get a slider?

And if it is on, i also get a temperature slider😉

Just a quick example:

alias: New Automation
description: ""
mode: single
  - platform: device
    device_id: ""
    domain: ""
    entity_id: ""
condition: []
  - service: light.turn_on
      color_temp: "{{ state_attr('light.light', 'color_temp') | int + 10 }}"
      entity_id: light.light