Ikea light device is not displaying the color temperature

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Hi All, I’m new to HA.
I setup the MQTT integration and I can see all the zigbee2mqtt devices correctly, the broker and the zigbee2mqtt servers are running on a separate host.
My issue is, for Ikea bulb, I can see the light brightness and color temperature sliders in the entity, but in Devices it only shows on/off. Is this normal? If both brightness and color temp are displayed in Devices, it’s much easier in setting up automation.

In Devices:

In Entities:

Is there a way to display the brightness and color temp in Devices? Or this is the way HA works?

It is the way things are handled in HA. :slight_smile: The brightness and color temperature are attributes of the light, therefor they are not listed in devices (as they are not a device).

For what do you need it? If it is just for your information, just click on the bulb under devices. It should open the entities pop-up.

If you use the automation editor, use call service instead of device.

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