IKEA MQTT messages out of control

Since I performed the latest IKEA firmware update my Blinds have been flooding the MQTT system with
messages… Several times a second. All reporting a state change that no update is available…

A restart of both the Zigbee2MQTT addon and the Complete home assistant has not ended this swamp of messages.

Any thoughts on how to stop this?

Did you try with Debounce setting in zigbee2mqtt?

I will try that… but it is the Zigbee linkquality value that is spamming the MQTT system
Updating a number (that I don’t need reported all that often) about 20 times a second.

If it helps, the logs also show an “Debug” message from each blind:
" Received Zigbee message from 'Blind 7 Sonoff', type 'commandCheckIn', cluster 'genPollCtrl', data '{}' from endpoint 1 with groupID 0"

Several times a second too.

Didn’t work.

For anyone else with this problem… It is probably too late but there is a known bug in the IKEA Firmware update (there is a shocker :roll_eyes: )

If you already did the update there is a patch

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