Ikea OMLOPP/ANSLUTA; anyone have experience with this?

For my kitchen and other rooms in the house I’m looking into using the relatively cheap Ikea OMLOPP led strips that can be controlled with an ANSLUTA remote. An older remote (UTRUSTA) used the well known 433mHz protocol, but this new button uses a 2400mHz protocol based on a CC2500 chip. I was wondering if anybody has some experience with these? I’ve found some interesting resources but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get this to work on my own :slight_smile:

What I’ve found is this:

Using a CC2500 chip you can get off Ebay or AliExpress for a couple of bucks you can control multiple lights and set dim levels directly. But this Github page looks like work in progress so I’m wondering if anyone has done this before. Love to hear!

The new version of RFLink gateway can control the 2.4GHz IKEA lights via the CC2500 and there is now a official RFLink component for HASS.

Link to RFLink Gateway: http://www.nemcon.nl/blog2/
RF link gateway can control many other things and can also be connected directly to a serial Wi-Fi bridge.

The other way to do it would be with the CC2500 connected directly to nodeMCU ESP module, programed using the Arduino language, running as a MQTT client which you can send data direct to. There are multiple examples of this type of gateway including one of my own running at 433MHz, but I have not tried adding the cc2500 to the nodeMCU yet.

I’ve been trying to setup an ESP+MQTT+433mHz module so maybe that’s a nice way to go. Thx a lot Richard!

@michielrutjes I just wanted to let you know I have tested it and have it working.
Photo of my setup. https://goo.gl/photos/j5pGob73fNfX3aSZ8

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@Richard.Huish wow, that’s a cool setup :slight_smile: Thx for sharing! I’ve decided to put the project aside for a little while but I surely want to add the 2.4GHz functionality to HA in a couple of months or so.

@michielrutjes To help a bit more, I have created a diagram which shows the wiring for the CC2500 module to control the Ikea lights.

My Home Assistant Config
My Home Assistant to RFLink Gateway Controller

###Diagram for wiring:

###Photo for wiring:

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Just an update :slight_smile: All the plans went overboard with the release of the TRÅDFRI line bij IKEA that you might have heard off. Paulus did a really nice blogpost on the platform, it’s full Zigbee compliant and very well implemented, more open than the Hue ecosystem. I picked up a set yesterday to experiment with, the integration into HA will be released this weekend. So I’m now thinking of finding some Zigbee led strips and putting them in the kitchen, and instead of saving some bucks having stuff just working and integrated well into HA.

Thanks a lot though for all the info, very interesting!

I was just tinkering about Ikea lights last WE, since my ANSLUTA remote died :frowning: , so I had to put back the UTRUSTA…
Thanks for this ideas - since new IKEA lights will take a while to be released on Italian market, I’ll keep struggling with older ones.

@ghiglie What I read was that Tradfri was released on the Italian market in October 2016 already, have you checked?

Touché! http://www.ikea.com/it/it/catalog/categories/departments/lighting/36812/
I really didn’t find it some times ago.
Well… time to get the Ikea Family card… :stuck_out_tongue:

@ghiglie Have fun! :slight_smile:
I must say I was surprised by how low profile the stand was at my IKEA, there are many products being advertised more prominently. So you might just have passed it. Just look for the big panels, you’ll find those easily.

I’ll do surely. The online availability states there are 7 of these in the warehouse:

(sorry for the localized link)

So, even if I’ll spend a bit more than I thought before, I’ll get in the swedish bus.

btw, I’m looking for a PIR, as small as possible. Any advice?

Check out this vid. This guy goes into detail about the PIR that he used for a sensor node. It turns out that a PIR can have issues with interference when it’s close by a programming board or something like that. He ended up finding one that works well and is relatively small. Otherwise I don’t have a lot of experience with these. But why not going for a Tradfri motion sensor right away since you are picking up some?

And btw, these “kits” don’t come packaged as kits. It’s just the total price for a gateway, a bulb and a bulb/remote combo :wink: So if the warehouse says 7 available, it probably means just one of these components is low on stock and the others aren’t.

Sob, you are killing my WeekEnd dream. :tired_face: :smiley: I’ll take a look to the IKEA PIR too.

Thanks for the link, I think I could give a try assembling the multisensor while I’m away for work… :smile:

Thanks for the great info on the gateway setup. However, your wiring diagram picture seems to be missing, could you by any chance re-upload it to somewhere we could see it?

EDIT: Never mind, I now saw that the picture is here: https://github.com/Genestealer/Home-Assistant-RFLink-Gateway-ESP8266


Hey Will this one work
? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Mega-WiFi-R3-ATmega2560-ESP8266-32Mb-memory-USB-TTL-CH340G-Compatible-for-Arduino-Mega-NodeMCU-WeMos/1950989_32806021806.html?spm=2114.12010615.0.0.c0f1078awTBsY

I’ve seen these before but never personally tried one. It’s a brilliant idea and I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work. It takes all of the worries of powering the two devices and sorting out level shifting. You have a number of choices of different pre-made firmwares to install on the esp8266 module which will form a Wi-Fi to serial bridge to the RFLink Gateway running on the Arduino CPU.

Are you planing making a esp8266 with CC2500 ?

No. But the ESP is not communicating with the CC2500 directly. It’s controlled by the RFLink gateway firmware running in the Arduino.

I heard somewhere that Ikea are releasing a Trådfri version of the Ansluta transformer in a couple of months, meaning it will be controllable like the other Ikea smart lights. Hoping for it to happen sooner rather than later. :slight_smile: