IKEA OTA Firmware Rollback Files

On May 29 IKEA released new Battery performance firmware for the FYRTUR roller blinds (24.4.6) and the TRADFRI buttons.(24.4.6)

Sadly after I performed the OTA update to the Blinds, they started to spam the MQTT system with dozens of messages per second as the blinds seemed to be bouncing from Zigbee repeater to another, with each bounce it would report a new Link Quality.

I think I need to revert back to firmware (2.3.088) For the blinds does anyone know if there is a repository of old IKEA firmware?

If that is not possible is there a way to limit the number of times that the blinds report their link quality?

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Did you find a solution to this? I also updated and it is continually crashing Z2M because of the amount of messages. It has completely killed my Zigbee network

The current fw updates files are listed here: http://fw.ota.homesmart.ikea.net/feed/version_info.json

Using the Wayback Machine you can get an older version of the file. Using one from last week gives me a link to version 2.3.088 for the connected blinds: http://fw.ota.homesmart.ikea.net/global/GW1.0/01.19.052/bin/10037585-5.1-TRADFRI-connected-blind-2.3.088.ota.ota.signed

Hope that helps

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I was able to just use the reconfigure option for each device and that reset the checkin interval for my blinds. They are reporting 2x the battery level however but otherwise working fine and my zigbee network is back to healthy.


I had the same problem. The reconfigure option did not help at all in my case. But what did help was repairing all blinds. While doing so I did bind the blinds to a specific repeater, I don’t know if this is relevant.

My blinds seem to report normal battery levels despite the new firmware.

Same here with multiple PRAKTLYSING blinds in my house. They would check in every second and both kill the network and drain many of the nearby battery operated devices. A device reset (i.e. removing the battery for 30 seconds) did not fix it for me, a Reconfigure run did though.
@ur7x I think it would be good to change the title of the post to be a bit more descriptive of the problem, so that other users with this problem can find this thread more easily.

I have the problem that the shutters with version 24.4.11 no longer remember the exact position.
Since I use some roller shutters several times a day, the highest point shifts a few millimeters each time. After a few days, the roller shutter is already 5 cm lower than the highest point.

Are there precise instructions on how I can upload an older version?

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