Ikea Remote Button & Motion Sensor in HA

I have an Ikea Tradfri hub, a Tradfri button (Square single button module) a 5 button Remote Control, and the motion sensor.

As stated going through the hub all I can see on the button is the power indicator. I also have a Lutron Caserta hub and a Philips Hue hub.

Can the Idea devices be configures through the Philips Hue, would that help or hinder me?
Should I just be looking at a Zigbee radio and ship the hubs altogether?

Has anyone else worked much with multi-vendor setups? Would like all three platforms to work and talk with each other if possible. So far still in the learning stages, after I get things working want to start writing automations in Node-Red.


I think it would be best if you could set-up zigbee coordinator like conbee or newer sonoff and control your devices using zigbee2mqtt or ZHA. This way you would achieve brand independent set-up. I have a couple of tradfri bulbs, buttons and motion sensor and setting them up in HA with zigbee2mqtt was pretty straightforward.

I had similar issues until I changed to a new coordinator I only saw the battery level for my Ikea buttons and I couldn’t get my Innr plugs (to extend my network) onto the network at all.

And a new coordinator made my whole setup more stable overall.

Note that, an usb stick zigbee coordinator (along with ZHA or zigbee2mqtt) would help replace your hue hub and the tradfri hub, since they both are zigbee, with Hue- or IKEA-specific zigbee implementations.

ZHA or zigbee2mqtt would help address different implementations and make sure everything would talk to the same USB zigbee stick coordinator.

But then, to answer your question specifically:

… You don’t have to jump to the stick right away (I would recommend also, but you don’t absolutely have to). You could still try pairing your IKEA devices through your Hue hub first, and see how that goes.

The Lutron Caseta hub, on the other hand, is not replaceable with any zigbee stick - Lutron runs on its own wireless protocol. That protocol is not open, but robust and reliable and responsive - probably more so than zigbee - when it comes to light control.

And with HA, you could control Lutron Caseta and zigbee (and a lot of different things) all under one HA roof.

Have you paired Ikea Tradfri to the Philips Hue hub? I did some reading and what it sounds like to me is that I can only pair a Tradfri to a Hue lightbulb. If this is the case then I will have to go with a stick, as I want the devices paired with both light bulbs and Lutron neutral-less light switches. If the pairing just leaves the devices in HA to write automation against that is good.

Also was reading once paired with the Hue, the Tradfri can no longer be paired with a Tradfri hub. Is this true?

Wish me luck, going to try pairing the button to the Hue. See how it goes.