IKEA remote side button not registered

Really hope I can get some help here. I have 3 of the IKEA E1524/E1810 (round 5 button) remote which I use as main remote for 3 rooms. my setup was conbee ii stick running ZHA.

I forgot if it was from an firmware update or HA update, the side buttons stopped working for all 3 remotes. when I try to listen to “zha_event”, the 2 side buttons doesn’t get registered when pressed. It wasn’t a big deal before and I thought it will eventually resolve itself, so I didn’t bother to investigate.

I recently joined the hype and got the sonoff usb zigbee dongle and flashed to the latest master firmware (i believe is 20211217). unfortunately the issue with the side buttons still exist.

I tried a few things I read online which are:

  1. reset, reconfig, delete&re-add
  2. removing the battery
  3. holding on/off button for different intervals

hope I’m not the only one having this issue and look for some guidance on how I can resolve this issue.

worst case, if this is a known issue, please point me to the thread, i’d like to have a better understanding of it.


Hopefully someone can chime in with a solution within ZHA architecture. If not, and you really want to get the full functionality of your remotes back, I am currently successfully using the latest Zigbee2MQTT build with my 5 button remotes. Happy to chime in with more info on my setup and config if you decide to go this route.