Ikea Styrbar Buttons Switched


I am not sure on what “level” this is switched, so please send me in the right direction, if you know more :slight_smile:

I have a Ikea Styrbar (4 Switch) connected to a Conbee II → deconz → phoscon → homeassistant integration.

It all seems to work except the buttons are switched:

I am using remote_button_short_releasedim_up / dim_down and remote_button_short_releaseturn_on / turn_off to control two lamps.

But dim_up is combined with turn_off and dim_down is comined with turn_on?

Do I do anything wrong?
How can I see on which level the switch up seems to happen? So maybe I can report a the bug in the github for deconz/phoscon/home assistant integration

Any help would be appreciated :))

Here some infos about the settup if that helps somewhat:


Sorry it only allows me to add one picture per post :smiley:

Okay, this is solved if you use this great blueprint:

I guess it remaps it properly there and seems to work:

      button_left_short: ['3002']
      button_left_long: ['3001']
      button_left_release: ['3003']
      button_right_short: ['4002']
      button_right_long: ['4001']
      button_right_release: ['4003']
      button_up_short: ['1002']
      button_up_long: ['1001']
      button_up_release: ['1003']
      button_down_short: ['2002']
      button_down_long: ['2001']
      button_down_release: ['2003']
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I’m glad you updated your thread with your solution. I happed across this little button and thought it might be simple enough for my dad to figure out if I just use it for on-off and brightness. My first google result brought me here and told me everything I needed to know.

I am looking to buy some of these remotes. Can you control multiple lights with different key presses? I have the older round remote and can control a few different lights in the same room. Is this the same on these new devices?