Ikea switch not available in Node Red


Im trying to controll a Ikea Zigbee switch from node red.
It works in Home assistant but the entity is not available in node red, and if I run debug I get that entity_id is undefined. (It finds the Battery & Identify entity but not the button itself)

Other Zigbee motion devices connected through my skyconnect is wokring.
Any suggestions?



Same issue, did you end up figuring it out?

I only have one Ikea switch - this one:

Yours appears to be the Open/Close Remote button?

Either way, you seem to be missing the actual switch/button/Controls entity in HA, and if that’s the case then Node Red won’t be able to see it either. In the screenshot below you can see my switch entity as well as the Diagnostic. I’m assuming that you should see the Control entity in HA with this device. I would try removing and re-pairing it to see if shows up in HA.

I have the this one, and I would assume OP also has this one as we are having the same problems.

Apparently it has the correct control in Z2M. In ST you could assign it a custom driver to fix this issue but I’m not sure if that’s possible in HASSIO. Luckily I’m fairly new in switching over to HASSIO so it isnt terribly inconvenient for me to switch from ZHA to Z2M at this point.

OK, Those aren’t buttons or switches, but scene controllers. So there is no control entity in HA, and thus none in Node Red. You’ll need to first listen for all ZigBee events and then filter on the events being sent by that particular device. There’s a Blueprint available that may work for this model. I think this Node Red flow may also work for this model: https://flows.nodered.org/flow/d982bf9abbec7d0cc46efa452cf39fed

I didn’t get anything from NR events all until I installed Z2M. After Z2M I got “action state on” etc.