Ikea Tradfri bulb and motion sensor binded (ZHA), but also turn permanently off with a switch

i have a Tradfri light bulb and motion sensor. I did binding via ZHA, so the motion sensor direct sends the command to the bulb. That way the response time is quicker, it relieves the zigbee network and it also works if HA is down.

Is there a way, to use a switch to disable the turn on by the motion sensor?
Why: Sometimes the baby wakes up in the night and if i wanna carry him in the hallway, i do not wan’t that the light goes on at all.

I don’t think so - not if the motion sensor is bound to the bulb. Binding bypasses the Zigbee network altogether - as you say, it still works if HA is down.

I have switches bound to bulbs (and therefore working without HA) and motion sensors working through ZHA with input_booleans that allow me to disable them on a room-by-room basis.

I had a the same in mind.
Bind the bulb to a switch, for permanent on/off.
Will unbind the motion sensor from the bulb and connect it to HA.
Then i can use an input helper to save the switch state and check in an automation for the motion sensor if the the motion sensor should turn the bulb on or not.