IKEA Trådfri Bulb State not updating

Hello everyone,

I have 4 IKEA GU10 light bulbs in close proximity of one another in the centre of my bedroom. Individually triggered, all of these work perfectly. But when triggered at the same time, like when triggering them as a group or in automations, there often is a substantial delay. I’ve come to notice that this is because when turning on/off 3 or more of these bulbs at the same time, the state won’t change in the app on one or two of the bulbs. Sometimes it just takes a couple of seconds, but frequently it never does update the state. Since, I believe, that automations wait for that state update, there is often a delay of the actions that are set to be triggered later the in automations. And to be clearer, the state of the actual device, as in turning the device or off actually works, its just the virtual state in the app that isn’t updated, which causes problems/delays for my automations.

I am not using the Ikea Gateway, deConz, Phoscon, Zigbee2Mqtt, etc, etc… I am have connected the bulbs directly with a Conbee 2 USB-stick, through ZHA. initially, I thought the problem was interference, but after trying different Zigbee channels and testing other devices, I can say that it’s not, unless it has to do with the close proximity of the devices. They are after all mounted around 20 cm from each other. All devices do work great with this one very specific exception.

I can’t think of a solution to this issue and I have not seen a similar problem yet, or maybe it is too basic of a mistake to make.

Anybody got any ideas as to how to fix this, or got any suggestions that I might try?

Thanks in advance!

Create a group in ZHA and then turn on/off the group in your automations.

When you create a group in Home Assistant and turn on/off this group, there will be one command per bulb sent to the ConBee, so 4 commands in total. Multiple messages can lead to delayed or even lost messages due to congestion. However when you create a group in ZHA and send a command, there will be only one command sent to the ConBee and it will automagically be propagated to the individual bulbs.

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Thanks for the fast answer and suggestion!

I have set up a group entity for the lights, but I have admittedly not used that group entity in the automations, but I do have in my frontend. Afterall, groups will act the same way when used inside an automation and when triggered by a button in the app, right? In my frontend, I have set up one button for each of the four lights: “Center lights {1-4}”. And I also have a button for the group entity: “Center Lights”. The issue remains here.

In the gif I’ve attached, the issue can be seen. In the first gif and second half of the second gif, I will turn on and off the lights by the group entity. You can see the entities on the left, Center lights 1-4, not all changing states. Note that the lights do change state in the real world, but that state is just not updated in the app.In the start of the second gif, I am turning the lights on and off individually and as you can see, there is no problem there.

Nevermind, am new here and can therefore only post one gif. But I hope you can see my problem.

Also, the way I have created this entity by noting this down in the configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: group
    name: Center Lights
      - light.center_light_1
      - light.center_light_2
      - light.center_light_3
      - light.center_light_4

Is this the way, or should I create a group using another method?

This is a group in HA and not a group in ZHA, this has exactly the issues I described that multiple commands will be sent to the ConBee. You need to create a group in ZHA, however I don’t know how to do this as I use deconz.

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