Ikea Trådfri bulbs dead after radio migration

Hi, I’ve migrated my ZHA from a DeConz stick to SkyConnect and now two of my Ikea Trådfri bulbs can’t be turned on. Anyway any idea how to fix this? I already spent hours searching online without result. The only solution seems to pair them again, but the whole point is that the bulbs cannot be turned on.

So, when I migrated to SkyConnect, it did not go that smoothly and afterwards I needed to pair all my Zigbee devices to my new SkyConnect. This went well for most devices, even some other Ikea Trådfri bulbs, but not for two of them: one coloured E14 and one coloured E27. I am using the extension cable to minimise interference.

I even fitted these bulbs on a ‘dumb’ light fixture, but also then both lights did not turn on. I cannot imagine that they broke simultaneously. They’re both not even 1 year old and haven’t been switched on all that much. During radio migration one of the bulbs was off. The other one was on, but I switched it off manually from the fixture.

My assumption is that these bulbs are somehow stuck in off mode, but I see no way to reset them.

Tried the 6 times on and off routine ?

Hi @francisp, thanks for your reply. Yes, I tried, but the thing is that the bulbs cannot be turned on at all.

Make sure there’s power to it (it doesn’t have to be lit), then using a remote control only , hold the remote close to the bulb and hold down the pairing button. After about 10 seconds the bulb should brighten and dim then finally flash. If the bulb isn’t dead that should work.

Thank you so much, that was the trick that helped!