IKEA Tradfri bulbs on Hue Bridge not updating lightbulb icon

I just added some IKEA Tradfri bulbs to my Hue bridge and everything is working great except that the lightbulb icon is not updating when turning on the light. If I refresh the browser the icon update to correct icon but if I turn off and on the light again the icon stays “dark”. The icon updates fine for all real hue bulbs and also for all IKEA bulbs still on the Tradfri gateway.

i have the same problem.
did you fixed it?

I have the same issue. But not only with the IKEA bulbs, also the genuine Hue bulbs are not updating it’s icons regulary. If I update the web interface with F5 it shows with correct status.

The problem is still there. For me the problem is only with my IKEA Tradfri bulbs that I added to my Hue bridge. The real Hue bulds update the icon status fine.

Just a small picture to show the problem… Kitchen Corner and Hall Table is my IKEA bulbs added to the Hue bridge. As you can see they are switched on but icon is dark.

Same problem here, with Hue bridge and bulbs. Did you solve the issue?

Nope, I am running version 0.59.2 and I still have this issue.

The only browser that the icon update just fine is Microsoft Edge. Problem is in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and also in the HA app for iPhone.

Will anyone be able to change that?