IKEA tradfri bulbs status not updating

Hi all,

I’ve been having the same issue with my IKEA light bulbs every now and then and can’t seem to find a solution to it. So maybe some of you experienced the same problem and/or have an idea on how to fix it (because it’s really annoying). Here is what’s going on:
My whole apartment lighting consists of IKEA tradfri light bulbs, and in combination with home assistant I mainly use them for the ‘adaptive lighting’/‘circadian lighting’ feature. Other than that I control my lights like they’re not smart at all, meaning I turn them on and off using a wall mounted switch (the tradfri remote control).
Turning them on and off that way is not a problem, except that a lot of times the lights are turned on by the remote control but are “off” according to Home Assistant. When everything works fine, the light bulbs switch light temperature and intensity based on the circadian light value as soon as I switch them on. But when Home Assistant doesn’t register them as being turned on even though they are, I get a super bright daylight beam in the middle of the night when turning on bulbs that are affected by that problem (because they aren’t updated and will keep the brightness and temperature from last time they were turned on), which is extremely annoying and kind of defeats the whole purpose of my set up…
I hop I made my issue understandable (sorry for any language mistakes) and really hope for a solution to my problem. Thank you in advance!


Are you using them with a tradfri hub, or with a Zigbee stick ? If Zigbee stick, what integration ( ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT, Deconz ) ?

Hej Francis,

Thank you for your quick reply and sorry for answering so late…
I’m using the IKEA Hub.
Thanks for your help!


Can’t help with that. I use the Ikea bulbs with zigbee2mqtt.

I see. Thanks anyways! Do you run into the same problem though?

if using zigbee2mqtt, I would have said:

  report: true

in zigbee2mqtt configuration.