IKEA 'Trådfri', can the gateway work with ANY Zigbee sensor?

So I’ve recently noticed the “Trådfri” series at IKEA, can the gateway be used for all Zigbee devices?
Same with the remotes, can I use one of the “Trådfri” Zigbee remotes for anything else than turning on/off IKEA lamps?

On another note:
Atm. I don’t have any Zigbee or Z-Wave USB dongles. These together would be close to what a SmartThings hub would cost.
Would it be better to just purchase a SmartThings Hub?

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Yes you can. See this thread and this blogpost.

@michielrutjes, are you sure that it can be used for any Zigbee deivce? So far I’ve only seen it with Hue and Ikea.

Tbh I only have Hue and Tradfri bulbs so I can’t say for sure. Theory says it should work, but I guess you know how theory works out in IoT land :wink: But my Hue bulbs work fine on the Tradfri gateway.

No it does not work.
In theory zigbee is manufacturer independent, but in reality every manufacturer only supports their products.

How does one connect a third party Zigbee device to the Traadfri hub? Any hidden diagnostics that can be found in the web-ui?

Its not possible.
Its only possible to use supported lights.

Ok, as I thought then. Tanks for the confirmation.