IKEA Trådfri connection unstable


In my Homeassistant setup (0.101.2) on a Raspberry Pi 3+, i have installed some Z-Wave components (connected by a Z-Wave USB stick) and a IKEA Tradfri gateway with something like 10+ lamps, 2 drivers, a few smart plugs, buttons and 3 motion detectors.

It seems that the connection between the Tradfri gateway is getting more and more unstable. What happens is that after a random time period, the connection between the gateway is lost and i cannot control the IKEA components anymore by HA. If you switch on a light, it does not happen and after a few seconds the HA switch is switched back. I still can use the IKEA app to control the light, but the status is not updated to HA. I cannot find any errors in the HA logs and Z-Wave is still working.

If i restart HA it works again. This used to be a workaround for ones a few month, but it’s getting worse and currently it’s multiple times a week. I got the feeling that with every upgrade i do it gets worse.

Does anyone have the same experience? … and how can i debug what’s really happening? Which debug flags do i need to turn on?


Same experience here. I wasn’t able to resolve this so far. I might be moving towards https://github.com/danielwelch/hassio-zigbee2mqtt

I think the HA Tradfri component is being re-worked currently which is why odd things may be happening.

I have found v0.102.x to be better than v0.101.x so far however.

I use 0.104.3 and still experience this issue with lost connection to Trådfri after a period of time. Anyone found a solution?

interference with WiFi maybe?

I have some tradfri devices with no issue so far

I am also having the same issue. Reloading the Tradfri integration makes it work for a few hours, but then it just disconnects again.

Just as update, but i removed the gateway and switched some time ago to a ConBee2 USB stick. Works great, is very stable and even firmware updates work.