IKEA Tradfri error

after the update to 0.93 it seems that the IKEA Tradfri platform is no longer visible. Does anyone else have the same kind of error?

No problems with tradfri in 0.93.0.
Anything in the logs?

now i check

I upgraded without problem today. I once had to add the Tradfri hub again to Hassio

after restart now work

I have a similar issue. After the .93 upgrade I can see the hub, and the motion sensor, but no switches or lights.
OpenHab and Nodered can still see everything.
I have rebooted, removed & added tradfri, then I made a fresh Hassio install and still no lights.
.92 killed my link to my BT home hub - so basically all my items are now gone *except Sonos.
Hassio has become a waste of a good Pi ;-{

restart gateway

Tried that - I shut down and restarted the entire network. Everything off for 1 hr while I went for a walk…
Everything back on , within 15 mins fresh openhab had re-found everything, fresh nodered had access to all, HA could see the hub, the motion sensor and the remote control - no lights and no switches…

Everything running off a single 8 port hub, swapped that out for 2 X 4 ports still nothing.
Re-flashed a fresh SD, powered everything off again did an hours gardening then powered everything back on, fresh start to HASSIO, reconfigured and it was all there - No idea what the issue was or what fixed it… Hate that !