Ikea Trådfri Floalt blinking issue

Hi! I have three Ikea Floalt panels connected in serial and linked to HA through the Trådfri Gateway and also to an Ikea remote. Yesterday, I turned them on using the remote and suddenly the first panel in the series started blinking/flashing/strobing like crazy! It is almost not visible at the lowest brightness, but at full brightness it is blinking completely on and off several times per second.

If this has to do with some weird command being sent to the panel, I don’t understand how it could happen to only one of them, so I am suspecting a hardware issue with the power supply but just wanted to check if anyone has had the same issue before I take down the panel and bring it back to the store?

I tried sending all kings of commands from HA to make it stop and also did a factory reset of the panel…

I talked to Ikea and they sent me a replacement panel without asking very many questions, so I suspect this is some kind of known issue. I also got to keep the old one, so will try to figure out the root cause :nerd_face:

Hey Alberts,

I suspect it is a common hardware issue now. I had the exact same problem with my first Floalt ceiling panel, it started to blink after a month or two of use.

Got it replaced without any questions asked. Installed the new one and now the same thing happened 3 months after the replacement (brand new unit). I am not sure if I am going to try a third time. Might as well replace it with a regular ceiling with the Tradfri smart bulbs. I have a bunch of those installed in my home and have had no problem with them whatsoever.

TL;DR: You’re not the only one with this problem and I suspect it’s a hardware design flaw. The product is rather new to the market so an issue like this is very possible.